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Shot with iPhone Oct 13, 2019

Today I spent the day relaxing and going out and doing some photography with the iPhone 11. Playing a lot with the ultra-wide-angle lens, having lots of fun with this lens.

I went to a park called Chapman mills conservation area. I also tried out the Spectre app for the first time which you find below. It is freaking amazing.

The photos are edited using the Darkroom app. Which is my favorite editing app for my photography before I share it on the gram or upload it to my portfolio.

If you want to see more of my photography work using the iPhone only I highly recommend you follow me on Instagram.



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My iPhone Photo/Video Gear – 2019

My iPhone is the most used device I use to take photos most of the time. This is the gear I use with my iPhone photography to take it to the next level.

  1. IMG_3187KobraTech tripod mount: This tripod mount helps me whenever I’m filming myself, I can place it on any tripod.


  1. IMG_1343Bluetooth shutter remote: This remote is a lifesaver and use it whenever I’m taking selfies of myself. But also it’s great for landscape photography where I set up a timer within an app for those light streaks. Or whenever I use the Specter app.


  1. IMG_1198-2Moment Wide Lens: Probably my favorite lens right now from this company. I use this lens for wide-angle shots that gave me a different perspective. And I can capture more.


  1. IMG_0806Moment Anamorphic: Whenever I need a cinematic video or photo, is when I attached this lens


  1. IMG_1320-2Moment Filter – Sunglass for the iPhone XS


  1. IMG_1364.JPGiPhone XS – The camera I use in my setup

I’m always looking for more gear that will help step up my iPhone photo/video game. So if you have any gear you would want me to review, please do tell.