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WWDC 2017 Predictions


I don’t really write about predictions on this blog. Because I’m usually wrong every time. But I decided to do one this year for Apple’s WWDC 2017 conference. But I will only predict things that I use or know about.


Apple’s AI, Siri has not really changed since being shown for the very first time. Sirikit which was released last year has not done that much as well. A few apps on my phone have added Siri to it, but it’s still limited. Apple needs to open up Siri up more to developers to be more useful. Able to write to Siri has been one of my personal features I wanted Apple to add for a long time now. So I hope Apple allows typing a question to Siri so I don’t have to say “Hey Siri” in public.

iOS 11

For sure Apple will announce iOS 11 at WWDC since the iPhone is their number 1 money maker right now. I don’t think iOS 11 will be getting any redesign like iOS 10 did to widgets and notifications. I think it will be feature based that Apple will be showing off for iOS 11. Also, iOS 11 will probably bring iPad features that many iPad users have been asking for or wanting. I will be surprised if Apple does a redesign like iOS 7.


There are rumors that Apple will be showing off new iPad hardware. I’m not an iPad user but I do believe that there will be new iPad hardware be showing.


There will be no new iPhones, this is WWDC not the September event.


Not a Mac user. But don’t believe there will be new Mac hardware at the event.



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