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Early Thoughts On WatchOS 4

It has been a few days since Apple showed off WatchOS 4 for the Apple Watch. And now I want to give my early thoughts on the new OS update.

So the big thing that I am still thinking about is the Siri proactive watch face. And it’s possible the most exciting thing to come out from all the other WatchOS 4 announcements.

It makes perfect sense that Apple to create a Siri watch face to show you your planned day from your wrist, every time you look at the watch. Siri is getting smarter and smarter, but still behind Google AI.  Being able to see your day is perfect, but also showing you what time you should leave and how long to get to point B is also important to see from the watch face, without having to open your phone.

I think WatchOS 4 might be getting the Apple Watch for a day when it will now longer need to be with the iPhone and be able to be its own product.

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