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When I Do I Wear The Apple Watch And When Don’t I


So I have been pretty happy with the purchase of my Apple Watch. It’s now a year since I bought the watch and have been enjoying it. But I wanted to write a quick blog post of when do I wear it and when I don’t wear it. Because I have been wearing it less and less now.

So first I want to start off the with when do I don’t wear my Apple Watch. Ok so I don’t wear the Apple Watch when I’m inside my house, I don’t find it useful having it on. I have my iPhone near by pretty much every time I inside the house. When I go for walks for some reason I stopped wearing it. I know I’m missing those activity rings from filling up. But I have my iPhone on me so at least my steps are being counted.

Now when I do wear my Apple Watch. I always wear it when I go to church. I take it with me when I go to the malls, or going to a restaurant with friends. Or going on a trip somewhere outside the city. I also wear it when I’m filming my Youtube videos on location.

I should probably start wearing it again when I go for walks. So more health data can be captured to see my health stats. I will probably wear the Apple Watch with WatchOS 4 is released next month. Since it will be something new I will be trying out.


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