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What I’m Expecting To See At Apple’s Event On Tuesday

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Apple will be hosting their event where they show off their new products. And what we should be expecting to see at the event.


Now, of course, we will see new iPhones at the event. How much iPhones? well, we know at least two a small one and big one. But rumors are saying that Apple will launch a “Pro” iPhone which will have no home button and will have almost no bezels on the front. iOS 11 will have a release date.


We have not heard that much about the Apple Watch. They are saying that Apple will release two Watches. One with a SIM card so you can use it without your phone and the other one without a SIM card, just like what Apple does with the iPads. WatchOS4 will be interesting to see.


Apple TV will get a new model, with support for 4K. And that’s pretty much. Maybe a surprise will be that Apple will announce some new content for Apple Music.

Just 3 products are what I believe Apple will announce and talk about on Tuesday since they talked about the iPad and Mac at WWDC.  HomePod will probably be mentioned but not really shown a lot of time on stage.

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