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5 Years Of Using Twitter

Today I woke up to a Twitter notification showing that today is by Twitter Anniversary of using the platform. I remember when I signed up for Twitter, was in my last year of high school and starting college. I was at the time signing up because I was that kid that read a lot about new and emerging technology products. I was probably the only person in my group of friends that time using Twitter.

Now everyone has a Twitter account that I know, but they don’t tweet or open it that much like I do. Twitter has changed how I get my news. In high school, I would go to the library and pick up the papers of Metro Ottawa or Ottawa Citizen to read about what is happening around my city and the world. Now today I open Twitter and I’m following my favorite news outlets and favoriteĀ journalists and getting my news from there.

Twitter has also allowed me to have a voice in 140 characters and share things I care about or my latest Youtube video. Here’s to I hope another 5 years of Twitter.

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