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My 2018 New Year Resolution

It’s that time of the day of the year again where I get to create my new year resolutions and see if I will keep any.


This year in 2017 I did not any books. And I always enjoy reading a good book, but for some reason, I did not read anything. So This year I will try to read at least a book this year.

Create More Youtube Content

My Youtube channel has been growing slowly but surely. I want to create bigger and better content that not only I would enjoy making my hope you guys enjoy watching.

Write Long Form Blog Post

I have not posted that much or any good quality blog post and the stats show, whenever I check out the numbers. I’m thinking of writing long-form blog post at least once a month. But also changing some of the content I share and trying writing other types of content rather than only technology based blog post.

Be Healthy

I told myself I was going to start running in the summer. Did not do it. I bought new running shoes and have not run with them. So this year I will try to bike, which I have not done in the past 3 years. Gain a bit more weight, funny? I’m a bit skinny and want to have a bit of muscle, not big ones just normal ones. And learn to cook more healthy and new recipes. And run 5K.


Personal Goals are to be able to buy a drone to capture this beautiful place, I call home Ottawa. And to buy a DSLR made to create better photos and videos.

I honestly don’t know which new year resolutions I will be able to keep. I hope to keep all them. But let’s be real. Probably only one I will be able to complete.

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