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Thoughts On The Google Home Mini…Massive Hit


So I did a video review of the Google Home mini where I shared my thoughts on the device that Google has created. But today I wanted to write about how much this product has been a hit for Google.

So early this week I was talking to someone about the product. And how they went to two Best Buy’s to buy one, but could not find it because it was out of stock. It has even been backed ordered as well. I was lucky enough to buy one in November.  When I went Black Friday shopping people were taking 2 to 3 Google Home mini’s because one for themselves and one to give as a gift. The price actually helped as well it was half off.

But it’s crazy to see people who are not into tech buy a Google Home mini. Below is a video of a grandmother trying to use the Google Home mini for the very first time. It is amazing to see who and what type of people are receiving these as gifts. Google has a big hit with the Google Home Mini. The price is right and looks great anywhere in the house and it works.


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