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I Enjoy Washing The Dishes

So for a while now, I started to notice that I enjoy washing the dishes after eating breakfast, and dinner. Now it’s not the most find thing to do and I never really enjoyed washing the dishes when I was younger. But now every time I was the dishes I feel relaxed the feeling of the warm water and concentrating on the task at hand.

I was reading an article that caught my attention that Bill Gates also enjoying washing the dishes as well because he does them better.

Maybe that’s another reason I like doing the dishes because I believe I do them better than other members of my family. I don’t know why my brain enjoys the feeling of washing dishes all I know I enjoy doing it even if it’s boring and not fun at all.

I was reading about the things that come from washing dishes. Just like walking your brain starts to think about creating and wonders off as well which is great for you if your a person who creates because that brings out new ideas. It’s crazy how something like washing dishes after dinner can help you feel relax and help your brain as well.

Start washing dishes if you have not started.

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