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The Philips Hue Helps Me Get Out Of Bed Faster at 5am

It’s been 3 weeks now of owning the Philips Hue lighting system in my office/room. And I have to say they have been helping me get out of bed faster. Thanks to the wake-up feature within the app.

So from Monday to Wednesday, I wake up at 5am to prepare for the daily grind of going to work. So what I do is I open the app to the wake-up feature so I can setup the wake-up feature at 5am. When my alarm sounds off I wake up to turn it off fast but when I open my eyes the light is already turned on thanks to the wake-up feature.


Now that the lights are on at 50% I wake up because, well the lights are on and that means I have to get ready for the day. I have it connected to the Google Home Mini so whenever I need more light or less or turn of the light I just say “Hey Google”.

Honestly, I never knew how useful the Philips Hue would become in my daily life.

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