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Amazon Bought Eero, But Why?

Stacy Higginbotham, Stacy On iOT

So why does Amazon care? First off, because good Wi-Fi is essential to a good smart home ecosystem. If you can’t get devices online, you can’t use Alexa to control them. A better question might be, why Eero?

It’s certainly not the only mesh Wi-Fi provider out there, not even the only startup providing mesh Wi-Fi. But Amazon has an advantage when it comes to making acquisitions in consumer products, namely that it can see what consumers buy. This information is invaluable to Amazon as it chooses which companies to buy and even which to invest in.

Amazon is playing smart here. It’s true that if Wi-Fi is no good than smart home gadgets(Alexa) won’t work. Just like Stacy writes Amazon has so much data on its customers on what they buy and that helps them choose which companies to buy.

Amazon FYI is killing it right now, in the smart home. The Eero purchase just moves them closer to what they need to keep on killing it.

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