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Netflix Wants To Conquer The Oscars 2019

NYTimes, Brooks Barnes

LOS ANGELES — Netflix called it “‘Roma’ Experience Day.”

On a Sunday in December, the streaming giant rented two soundstages on a historic movie lot in Hollywood to evangelize for “Roma,” Alfonso Cuarón’s art film about a domestic worker in Mexico. Oscar voters perused a museum-style exhibit of “Roma” costumes. Mr. Cuarón and his crew sat for hours of panel discussions.

Breakfast? Lunch? Provided. There were “Roma” stickers, and “Roma”-stamped chocolates. Attendees were even superimposed into a “Roma” scene to share online.

All of it struck some voters as over the top. It was certainly a display of just how badly Netflix wants an Oscar — and how much faith it has put in the person behind the event, a strategist named Lisa Taback, to get it done.

This year Netflix could win it’s first Oscar thanks to Alfonso Cuaron latest film Roma. But it’s insane how much money Netflix is pushing for a win. Will see next Sunday if all this money and work to get Roma to win, will work.

If you have not seen Roma, I highly recommend you do.

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