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My iPhone Photo/Video Gear – 2019

My iPhone is the most used device I use to take photos most of the time. This is the gear I use with my iPhone photography to take it to the next level.

  1. IMG_3187KobraTech tripod mount: This tripod mount helps me whenever I’m filming myself, I can place it on any tripod.


  1. IMG_1343Bluetooth shutter remote: This remote is a lifesaver and use it whenever I’m taking selfies of myself. But also it’s great for landscape photography where I set up a timer within an app for those light streaks. Or whenever I use the Specter app.


  1. IMG_1198-2Moment Wide Lens: Probably my favorite lens right now from this company. I use this lens for wide-angle shots that gave me a different perspective. And I can capture more.


  1. IMG_0806Moment Anamorphic: Whenever I need a cinematic video or photo, is when I attached this lens


  1. IMG_1320-2Moment Filter – Sunglass for the iPhone XS


  1. IMG_1364.JPGiPhone XS – The camera I use in my setup

I’m always looking for more gear that will help step up my iPhone photo/video game. So if you have any gear you would want me to review, please do tell.

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