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Photographing The Holocaust Monument with the Moment Wide Lens

Today I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the Holocaust Monument here in Ottawa, Ontario.

I knew I wanted to capture this with just my iPhone and the Moment wide lens only, using the Moment app.  Before I arrived at the location I did a bit of research of the monument and studied it to see where I wanted to photograph and from which part of the monuments I wanted to capture.

Using the wide lens gave me, a wider option and a different view to capture the whole location.

Being at the location gave me time to reflect and think about what they must have gone through.

To see more images of The Holocaust Monument please check out my website where I upload the rest of the images.


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iPhone Photography Tricks #WorkPhotographyDay

So I liked a Tweet that Tim Cook retweeted where he shared a thread. From a Twitter user called Gess8, he tweeted some great advice on how to get the most out of shooting on the iPhone.


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Editing in Darkroom on iPad

I have been editing photos on the iPad for 6 months. And the main app I use to edit 80% of my photos for Instagram or my website is Darkroom. Darkroom is a powerful photo editor that is easy to use. And that is why I love using this app and keep coming back to it to edit my photos on the iPad.

So what makes me edit in Darkroom so often is the layout in landscape mode. It’s so simple and you pretty much know where to go and what every icon is meant for, which I just love how simple the design of the layout is.


Filters are probably the number one reason I choose Darkroom to edit my iPhone photos. They are just the best in the business in my opinion. There are so many filters to choose from that you will probably find one for the photo your currently editing.

My favorite filter category is XPRO and Landscape.


Like I said at the beginning of the post the editing in Darkroom is dead simple but powerful. As you can see below in the image, I usually play around with all the settings and adjust the photo till my liking. Using the iPad in landscape mode, in my opinion, is the best way to edit a photo.

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If you’re looking for an app to edit your photos you shot on your iPhone than I highly recommend this app for your editing needs. It checks out every box in what I want in an editing app on the go. The final image is below. You can download the app here.